Mission: To become an opportunistic international mining company that finds and produces commodities vital to global economic growth more effectively than anyone else.

We intend to create superior value for our shareholders, customers and employees through the efficient management of our assets using continuous optimization and innovation while growing the overall asset base.

Vision: Our vision is to be become a leading mineral development company providing tangible benefits to our stakeholders (including local communities) while growing shareholder value by expanding within the natural resource extraction industry. Inherent to this are:

  • Maintaining our social licence to operate by demonstrating safety, environmental and social responsibility with our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • Demonstrating Continuous Operational Improvement
  • Engaged and welcoming Governments and Communities
  • Always earning our status as the preferred choice as customer and supplier
  • Remaining excellent stewards for our Investors who choose to remain our long-term partners

Our primary objective is to exceed the financial performance of the best of our competitors as measured by Total Shareholder Return. In pursuit of this, we balance long-term growth with short-term results. We target the acquisition of mining assets from which we can extract value, that are priced and financed in a manner that is accretive to shareholders on a risk-adjusted basis.