Ascendant Resources continues to make mining responsibly at El Mochito its top priority as it creates tangible benefits for all our stakeholders, including our employees, the local communities and the environment in which we operate in.

The El Mochito mine has received the Foundation for Corporate Responsibility in Honduras (FUNDAHRSE) Empresa Socialmente Responsible (ESR) or the "Socially Responsible Business" award for 10 consecutive years as a result of its ongoing and extensive corporate social responsibility initiatives at the mine site. The ESR award is granted to companies who promote responsible business management and advocate ethical businesses practices through community involvement, decision making, and company culture. FUNDAHRSE is an industry leader in CSR and evaluates candidates for the award based on multiple criteria, including a company’s approach to human rights, labor practices, operational practices, and community relations.



Las Vegas, Honduras

The El Mochito mine has been in operation in the town of Las Vegas, Honduras for approximately 70 years. During this time and through various community investments, El Mochito has contributed to local employment generation, infrastructure improvement and education advancement. El Mochito strives to play an active role in the strengthening of the surrounding community and will continue to remain a steward of responsibility going forward.


FUNDEMOCHITOEducational Development in El Mochito

For over 20 years, the El Mochito mine has partnered with the Red Cross, the Municipality of Las Vegas and the Catholic Church of Las Vegas to form the Foundation for the Educational Development in El Mochito (Fundemochito). The Fundemochito Foundation provides grants to young, low-income individuals who want to pursue a career in a multitude of programs including computer processing, carpentry, English writing and reading and auto mechanics.


School Meal ProgramCombatting low malnutrition levels

With its monthly school meal program, El Mochito and its health centre personnel have partnered with the Honduran government to combat low-malnutrition levels in the surrounding community. This program provides more than 740 local children daily nutritional meals, increasing their physical and mental development and increasing their attendance and participation in classrooms. To date, the success of the school meal program has resulted in lower drop out rates among El Mochito’s local children.

CEVEMCentro Educational Vocational El Mochito

The El Mochito mine also owns and operates an onsite secondary public education centre called the Centro Educational Vocational El Mochito (CEVEM). CEVEM offers courses in welding, electrical, geology, chemistry, English, computer science, environmental education, ethics and value programs. Since inception, the CEVEM has successfully trained 3,300+ students.


Employees of the El Mochito mine

We believe our workforce and their well being are imperative to the success and sustainability of the El Mochito operation. The continuous commitment to our workforce is reaffirmed through the development of our employees in the areas of workplace and educational advancement and a strong commitment to the improvement of ongoing health and safety initiatives.

empolyees at el mochito
contractors are local


Improving overall safety standards at El Mochito

Ascendant remains committed to improving the overall safety standards at the El Mochito mine. Providing a safe working environment for our employees means continuing to instill an improved safety culture at the mine and address deficiencies in the various areas. Ascendant has placed an increased emphasis on worker safety training, proactive leadership oversight and has added personnel to the Health and Safety department to promote the programs.

It is our mission to ensure every employee that goes to work in the morning returns home safe to his or her family at the end of the day.


Ascendant encourages the advancement of women and gender neutrality in mining as part of its human resources initiative. At the El Mochito mine, there are many talented women in leadership roles committed to the overall success of the operation.
Mechanical Technician

Martice Selenia Perez Rodas

Mechanical Technician

Martice Selenia Perez Rodas works at the El Mochito Mechanic Shop as a Mechanical Technician fabricating different pieces for industrial equipment. Her expertise in this field is invaluable as she contributes to the overall success of the operation

Today, Martice is very proud to be a member of another male-dominated occupation in Latin America and is now a prime example to aspiring young women studying to become a mechanical technician.

Electrical Technician


Electrical Technician

Yessenia wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father and brother to become an electrical maintenance worker at the El Mochito mine. Now that this is a reality, her family now forms the “Mochito Mine Family”.

Yessenia graduated with her certification as an electrical technician and specializes in rewind pumps and motor repairs at the El Mochito operation.

Mill Lab Technician


Mill Lab Technician

Luisa Turcios is a Chemical Engineer graduate from the National University of Honduras and is an active member of the College of Electrical Mechanical and Chemical Engineers of Honduras. Luisa works at El Mochito’s milling lab where she has improved the overall chemical processes. Luisa has always been intrigued by a career in chemical processing which resulted in her studies at NUH.

“El Mochito is giving women the opportunity to fulfill their goals and ambitions in a career that is mostly dominated by men” Luisa says.

Operator and Safety Technician


Operator and Safety Technician

Claudia Lobo is a graduate from the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) and is certified as an electrical process automation technician. At the El Mochito mine, Claudia oversees the assembly and maintenance of the electrical controls and monitors safety equipment as a substitute operation and safety planner.


Preservation, Reforestation, and Conservation

El Mochito’s multiple environmental sustainability programs seek to preserve the region's natural resources and monitor the quality of soil, water, air and the protection of local wildlife. Through these various initiatives, we continue to make environmental protection a core pillar in our day-to-day operations.



Preserving and protecting of local water sources

Ascendant remains committed to the preservation and protection of the surrounding local water sources. Through the Manantiales Protection Program, El Mochito has partnered with the local Government and municipalities to protect Manantiales as it supplies water to approximately 15,000 people and is the primary water source for the El Mochito operation. The Manantiales Protection program is also funded in part by the municipality of Las Vegas allowing forest rangers and different environmental technicians to monitor water quality of surrounding rivers, streams and creeks. Additionally, members of the Manantiales Protection organize educational discussions for local community groups on forest fire prevention and appropriate land monitoring in our protected areas. Approximately 400 hectares. of land is protected though these various initiatives.


Protecting the surrounding plant life

El Mochito implements several initiatives to care for and protect surrounding plant life located near the operation and local community. The El Mochito Green House supplies seeds of native trees which are used to supplement reforestation initiatives in the surrounding communities. El Mochito also houses 67 native orchid species of the Yojoa Lake basin in its Orchid House. The El Mochito Orchid House is the only non-profitable Orchid house in the central area of Honduras and is used as an educational tool for visitors in the area.



Maintaining our protected conservation areas

More than 700 local and migratory bird species build their habitats and care for their offspring during the months of October and February near the El Mochito mine. At El Mochito, we continually monitor our protected conservation areas and have made reducing the minimum tree cutting threshold our objective year after year.